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Classes online due to Covid-19

Due to the current situation our classes are now featuring online, so you can stretch out, workout and generally bliss out in the comfort of your own home.

To gain access simply contact via our contacts page using the link below

Yoga Classes


Our Classes

Our Classes


Core Strength & Mobility

18:45-19:30 Beckington Memorial Hall

36 Bath Rd, BA11 6SH

Suitable for all levels.  We specifically work on simple core movements that actually WORK.  Movements stem from yoga, pilates and functional movement.

Our Classes

Our Classes

Our Classes

All classes are friendly & welcoming, where you will be taught in a safe environment amongst friends and like-minded people.

Natalie has a wealth of experience and knowledge in body movement and over 20 years of teaching experience.  You could not be in safer hands.  

Natalie's skill lies in being able to adapt to the best needs of the individual; enabling each and everybody to get the most from their practice, to be comfortable and healthy in their bodies.


Drop in £10 per class, OR

Pay in advance for a block of classes 

£8 per class

Classes paid in advance are done on a month by month basis and paid prior to the commencement of the month.  If you know you are unable to make a class in advance the price is adjusted accordingly.


Our Classes



Flow Yoga

18:00-19:00 Dilton Marsh Memorial Hall

A 45 min yoga class that will stretch and strengthen your whole body and will just make you Feel Better, followed by 15 mins of gentle stretches and relaxation.

Suitable for all levels..





Gentle Yoga

17:45-18:45 St Francis, Guildford

High Street, BA13 4DW

Suitable for all levels.  A class that works at a gentle pace, yet that will still stretch and strengthen your body.  Options are offered throughout.






18:45-19:30  Rode Village Hall

A great class to give you a quick hit of Pilates, a fairly pacey class that will guide you smoothly through classical, yet challenging Pilates movements.  The class will work the entirety of the body in a safe and balance way.

Suitable for all levels except those very advanced Pilates students.





Power Yoga

08:00-09:00 Bath Yoga Studio

James Street West, Bath, BA1 2BT

Tap into your fluidity and strength as we flow inventively through the class, always moving, always challenging, you will gain permanent flexibility and strength gains in all muscle groups that all other Yoga styles may not deliver!