some of our previous workshops

Soar Into Summer


13:30-16:00, July 6th 2019

'Soar into Summer' ..

..with our solar powered and playful yoga sequences aimed towards Saucha (the first Niyama in the Yoga sutras).  

'Where attention goes, energy flows' and this is one of the keys to unlocking the gateway that stands between us and our potential.  

Our practice will be energetic, fun, intuitive and cleansing, encouraging us to look within to clear out the dirt, remove the unnecessary and all that holds us back.  

Each of us has a light inside that shines out into the world, but it can sometimes be clouded or dulled by negativity or outside influences.  

Like the sun, we too can create life with our own light - so shine brightly, explore new horizons and journey back to your true self!

This workshop is suitable for all as options will be given throughout.  

Counting Crows


13:00-16:00, May 5th 2019

Counting Crows & Flying Pigeons

Learn how to perch on your arms and fly like a bird!

In this workshop we shift the boundaries of our fears and gain deeper insight into the fundamentals of arm balancing as it's in understanding a posture that we unlock it's secrets which in turn will help you to increase feelings of self-confidence, courage, and inner strength.   

We will playful approach our practice and our bodies with a sense of curiosity and fun as we build better balance, and strengthen your body with arm balance yoga poses like Crane Pose, Plank Pose, Firefly Pose + more. 

All levels welcome

OM on Fire


13:00-16:00, Nov 30th 2019

OM on Fire

During the run up to Christmas, here's an opportunity to come together in chilly NovOMbrrrrr and give ourselves a little Yoga Heat!

Centering yet sassy! Stay in the moment and join us for 3 hours of energetic Yoga play starting with a flow to make u glow from head to toe and finishing will a little beginners Acro Yoga Jam!

This powerful, energetic class will move you fluidly from one pose to another while internally creating your own heat and connecting your breath to your movements. 

Come prepared to work in groups of 3 or more people as you learn how to be a base of support as well as a flyer. You will learn the importance of spotting for fall prevention and to assist the base/flyer with proper body alignment. This dynamic practice will provide you with opportunities to challenge yourself with inversions, flows and sequences. *No partner is required to attend.  Looking forward to playing!!

Have a Karma Christmas


16:00-19:00, Dec 10th 2017

EXCLUSIVE Yoga Workshop  
2.5 hours of Yoga with 2 amazing teachers; with nibbles and giggles at an optional social gathering that will keep you Karma for the Christmas ahead.   

This workshop is all about YOU.. be as energetic or as peaceful as you please. We will move with grace & freedom as we stretch out the whole of our body; breathing calming breath & cooling the hectic thoughts of our minds.  Come be a part of an extra-special gathering of some wonderful yogis.

1 Super-talented Chef (Josie)
A Venue to take your breath away
As well as some beautifully sequenced Yoga and a chance to make some great friends

All levels welcome

An Inversion Workshop

Learn more about how to TRULY use your CORE with clever drills and sneaky skills.  This is where the

12:00-15:00, Oct 6th 2018

Core Drills & Inversion Thrills

A playful workshop to strengthen your core and to turn your world upside down.

Learn more about how to TRULY use your CORE with clever drills and sneaky skills.  This is where the focus of the workshop will lie as once we have fired up the inner seams of our body and know how to use them we then turn our worlds for a playful session.  

All levels are welcome to this workshop, Handstand skills or love are not required to attend, we shall focus on all variants of being upside down which includes a Down Dog..

Winter Warriors


13:00-16:00, Dec 1st 2018

Winter Warriors workshop

Ice, Ice Baby!

When we are cold, our circulation decreases which can lead to constriction in the muscles, joints and even our perspective.

Our warm winter workshop will help you unleash your inner warrior with flowing sequences that will leave you feeling energised, your body fully awakened and your muscles, joints and mind alive!

We will close our workshop with a Christmas meditation from Yvette who will guide us through a gentle journey of inner peace, love, gratitude and inspired stillness at this hectic, vibrant, yet meaningful time of year so that we can look forward to the hustle and bustle and enjoy the sweet slow days of peace and quiet contemplation.

Spring Awakening


09:30-12:00, Mar 9th 2018

Spring Awakening Workshop

A refreshing and exciting new season begins in March as it signals the awakening of Spring, a beautiful time of renewal and growth. 

Long awaited change is greeted with open arms as it’s time to emerge from the inward hug of Winter, recharge your yoga practice, and stir up the power to spring forward with our joyful practices;

Joyful Fluid Flow with Natalie
Joyful Low and Slow with Yvette

All levels welcome

Our previous retreats

1 Day Yoga Retreat


09:00-16:00, Feb 24th 2018

2 Amazing Teachers (to offer all levels of teaching to suit YOUR needs)

1 Glorious Chef (the talented Josie is offering tasty bites for lunch)

1 Stunning location (beautiful barn)

A day retreat all about YOU

we offer our teachings in intimate environments so that YOU can learn more, can grow your practice and understanding and all in a safe and comfortable environment amongst friends and other welcoming yogis.  ALL levels are welcome.

Being held February 3rd, 9am-4pm, a WHOLE day of beautiful yoga; we start gently, systematically opening the body so we can begin to confront our inner worries and challenge those niggling fears we all have.  You will be nurtured and encouraged in a safe environment yet you will push your boundaries to arise a stronger, more insightful, braver and fitter little Yoga Warrior. 

All levels welcome

Summer Sweet Retreat


Oct 2018

2 Amazing Yoga Teachers

1 totally great  Chef

Glamping on a Farm under 1 hour away from Guildford

Rustic Pizza oven for scumptious Pizza Night

Campfire & Marshmallows Night too!

Surrounded by countryside walks, chickens, pigs, nature and AMAZING starry skies.

 A 2 nights yoga retreat will be held mid-week as an excuse for you to take TIME OUT, to escape the business of life and to truly let nature (and yoga) chill you out. Is this for you?

All levels welcome

Beautiful Italian Retreat


5 nights in Puglia Italy

in an old Italian Monastery

AMAZING venue in a wonderful area of Italy in an absolutely stunning setting with the most positive, happy energy-healing hosts to hold an Ashtanga Yoga Retreat. 

Every morning we will Mysore and every afternoon we will workshop postures, and various elements of the practice.  Food and accommodation would all be included with the potential of having our very own on-site therapists.

All levels welcome