A little about Natalie C Yoga

Natalie C


The focus of Natalie's teaching is to HELP; to help others find the most comfort in their bodies so that they can live a happier and healthier life.  She has a natural ability to spot problem areas that can cause discomfort and imbalance and has the knowledge alongside to help fix them.  This is why class participants and one to one clients just keep coming back, as they experience the magic she can yield in 'fixing the body'.

Natalie's teaching style is precise; using clear, simple language that will enable you to flow effortlessly through the class/session so you're not always craning your neck to see what's going on (although she may get her rights and lefts mixed up quite a bit!).  Teaching clearly to all levels comes from years of experience  teaching athletes, those with injuries/in rehabilitation, from the elderly to the young and from working in the fitness industry for nearly 20 years.

Her love of yoga started in 2007 and shortly after Natalie slowly stopped teaching high intensity, impact classes and turned more to the steady strength and rhythmic pace of yoga.  Her background is mainly in Ashtanga but with a passion for expression and creativity, if you're attending a vinyasa flow class with her then you will be in for a flowing, sweet treat.

Family time is spent with her 2 beautiful black labradors, going for long walks in our breath-taking countryside.  'They have the sweetest of natures and the best 'down dogs' on the yoga mat for miles!'  Besides unashamedly doting on her doggies, Natalie also finds peace and creativity transforming old furniture to its former glory.

Yvette Meredith


Yvette is a lead teacher of our workshops.

During years of over-training, a stressful job, physical and mental burn-out, it was Natalie who influenced my decision to move away slowly from the stuff that wore me down and journey towards a more holistic, nourishing Yoga practice.

I had already started to be kinder to myself through my Pilates and Balance teaching, but yearned for more.  I began studying with renowned and influential Yoga teachers of the past and the present but was naturally drawn towards those who understood more about human anatomy and the importance of being safe through mindful and functional movement.  Among my favourites are Jason Crandell, Judith Hanson Lasater, Donna Farhi and Sarah Powers. 

I started working with professional athletes and the local community using Yoga and Pilates as tools to help address imbalances in the body, work through physical injuries, and help to cultivate a greater sense of awareness towards healing by harmonising mind and body.

What I enjoy most about my classes is seeing people growing in confidence, overcoming obstacles, improving posture; physical and mental well-being, moving pain-free and with more fluidity;  but most of all - socialising and having fun! 

After 25 years in the Fitness Industry I am always seeking ways to evolve and expand my experience by continuing to learn so that I can bring Yoga into everyday life and enable me to flourish within and share with others.

Qualifications: 300 hrs Vinyasa Flow Yoga teacher, Ashtanga Yoga, Teach Yoga Therapy, Yin Yoga, Restorative Yoga; Yoga Sports Science™ Coach; Stott Pilates™ Beginners to Advanced level Mat work teacher; Pilates Reformer Teacher. ITEC L3 Sports Massage Therapist,  L4 Reps Lower Back Pain Management, L3 GP Referral Instructor.

A partnership based on friendship


Yvette and Natalie work together running workshops and retreats. Their partnership is founded on a long-standing friendship that began in the fitness industry teaching popular high impact and high intensity classes.  After teaching many a class together and coaching many a student they have created a partnership that just 'works'.  A bit like Ant and Dec, Morecombe and Wise, there is always a straight man and a funny man.. this duo is much the same; Yvette will sometimes have you in stitches laughing on the floor and Natalie will keep things on the straight and narrow.  But whatever happens, you can always guarantee that with these two, you are in good company; you will learn; you will smile; you'll have fun; you will understand 'the why' and what is being taught to you, and it will always be safe and very friendly. 

The biggest benefit for the students attending their workshops is that Yvette and Natalie complement each other by bringing slightly different background knowledge of movement, anatomy and body work.  With their diversity of teaching methods, it means that the student gains a wealth of wisdom they wouldn't necessarily glean from one teacher alone.

Intrigued?  Then why not come along to one of their workshops and experience it for yourself.


"You converted me.."

"Love Natalie's yoga classes, she has successfully converted me and i've definitely noticed an improvement which is all credited to her talented and fun teaching skills"

Charlie P

"..just thankyou.."

"If it wasn't for Natalie I wouldn't be doing yoga.  I enjoy learning with her and I can finally touch my toes, and now I know what a downward dog is.  Thank you so much"

Catherine L

"Wellbeing's improved"

"I attend Natalie's sessions on a weekly basis and I have noticed that my wellbeing has improved ten-fold.  If I can't make a session I really do miss it"

Imogen H

"Inventive & Interesting"

"Natalie's style of teaching is definitely inventive, sometimes I don't quite understand so she tries to say it 10 different ways until I eventually do understand.  Not a skill that most people have when teaching"

Luke R

"So intuitive"

"It never ceases to amaze me how Natalie knows that something is wrong.  She is so Intuitive and can detect any injury I may have before I even tell her.  If it wasn't for Natalie I am sure I would have many, many more aches & pains.

Rachael E

"A teacher with no ego"

"What I love about Natalie is there is no ego.  Her workshops and classes are honest; genuine expressions of her love of helping others.  A rare and wonderful way of teaching that allows the student to just flourish without any pressure"

Lesley Y