Yoga can help...

Yoga can help...

Yoga can help...Yoga can help...Yoga can help...

Mental & Physical Wellbeing

Improve Functional Movement

Increase Strength & Mobility 

Come and experience the 

benefits of yoga

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Yoga Classes


 Come along and take part in the group energy created in one of our classes/workshops. A comfortable, safe and sociable place to be, where you leave feeling better than when you came.  You are guaranteed a friendly welcome at our classes/workshops/retreats, no matter what your level or ability. No competition, no judgement, just safe and effective yoga. Because we want your practice to last you a lifetime. 




Private tuition, a fantastic alternative to classes. Why not practice in the comfort of your own home under the guidance of a highly qualified teacher. Sessions are ALL ABOUT YOU.

Private sessions gain fast and long-lasting results as each session is tailored specifically to the individual.  It’s easy to start..Act now and enquire, start yoga sessions that are all about the one person that matters..YOU.




A guaranteed way to improve the productivity of employees, give something to them (like a yoga class) so that they in turn give back to you (harder working and less stress/injury).  Why not give something back to your employees like a yoga class to make them happier and more productive. Give them time out during their working day to relax both mentally and physically.  A treat that they will thank you for

Client Testimonials

"Excellent Core.."

Even my riding instructor has made comments about my 'excellent core' the difference after doing Natalie's weekly core class is  amazing.

Nicola W.

"Like a magician"

The way Natalie explains things is brilliant.  The difference her teaching has made in my Ashtanga practice is amazing.  She's 'like a magician'.

Emily W.

"Yoga saved me.."

If it wasn't for my weekly yoga sessions with Natalie I really don't know where I would be today.  Mentally I think 'yoga has saved me'.

Paul H.

"Moving feels easier"

 After attending Natalie's classes I've noticed the benefits of yoga and how even the small things in life are easier to do..even just 'moving feels easier'.

Anita G.

"No back-ache.."

I use Natalie's yoga techniques after my hockey games and I have 'no back-ache' or hip pain after playing anymore which is blissful.

Liz B.

"I trust implicitly"

Natalie is the only yoga teacher 'i trust implicitly'.  She is truly inspiring and I learn something new about myself in every session.

Helen W.